Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boyz II Men

Boys. Boys boys boys. My dad always says that boys are trouble....
Right now I am tutoring students ages 12-18. Most of my students are boys. Boys are unique. They learn differently and they will do almost anything to impress you (at least these students do). They definitely keep me on my toes and laughing.

Yesterday my teacher had to leave school early for an appointment. She said that the students would be on the patio (enclosed soccer field) and they would be supervised by some other people but that I needed to stay and sit with them. There was a man in the beginning who said that if they went to the classroom and got their things quietly, they could spend the class period outside. They acted perfectly (very unusual) and the man said that they could go to the patio. We went downstairs and out to the patio to play. I sat down to watch and realized that the man had left. I was here alone supervising 25 twelve year old boys. Oh my gosh. I was worried, but I knew that if they kept occupied with soccer that we would make it until class was dismissed and we could go home. I was talking to a student who loves to speak in English when I saw a group of boys gathered around one boy. The kind of gathering when you know that something is wrong. I immediately stood up and started walking towards them. When I got closer, I could see that blood was pouring out of the boys nose. Oh my gosh. These boys are 12 years old, so it is quite difficult to have a conversation with them in English. I rushed him to the water fountain where he stood over the drain and kept washing his face off. He had been hit in the nose with a ball. This was just my luck. What the heck is the protocol when something like this happens here?! I couldn't touch him and he could not understand what I was saying, so I just kept pointing to the water haha! I hate nose bleeds. I can never remember if you are supposed to lean forward or tilt back. Luckily, we had a drain to catch all of the blood. How long to stupid nose bleeds last?! I've never had one, so I was beginning to wonder if the kid was going to bleed to death! I asked one of my students to go get some napkins and his reply was "We don't have those in Spain". What?! Lol I was finally able to act out stuffing tissues up my nose and one of my students ran and got some toilet paper. In the end, the kid was okay (thankfully lol) and so was I (haha). I do not handle bloody things well, so I am glad that I did not pass out or anything (wouldn't that have been a sight to walk up on).

A few friends and I were able to travel to La Sagrada Familia (google it) and we had a great time. It was sooooooo beautiful! We had to take the metro to get there. This was my first time ever riding a metro. I was so thankful when we made it there successfully! What a neat place!!! We were able to pay for an english audio tour. We just walked around with headphones and typed in the number of the location where we were. It was very nice. After we left, we walked down a couple of blocks just to see the place. On our way back, I saw a small souvenir shop that looked nice. We went inside and they had so many cute tourist items. The man who worked there kept calling us beautiful in Spanish. I am easily embarrassed when it comes to these things, so I immediately felt myself blush. I was standing with my friends when the man came up to me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Oh my gosh. You all can only imagine how rosy my cheeks were......I could not believe it. The girls were cracking up. I thought that Emily had put him up to it, but she said she didn't (I'm still skeptical).

Ohhhhhh Spain. Ohhhhhh Spanish men and boys. I never know what to expect from them and they always seem to find a way to embarrass me.  "It's all part of the experience."


  1. Dad is applying for his passport tonight and remember child "Boys Are Evil".

  2. Just a FYI if that ever happens again NEVER have the kid tilt his head back. That could cause blood to run to the brain which is not good. Also if it lasts longer than 20 minutes call am EMT. You can also pinch the nose but towels work. Sometimes it's nice being a lifeguard!!